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Laptop Shootout 002 - Ivy Bridge Workstations

Hey everyone, I made a video about this, but if you just want to look at the data, here you go! If you want to get the excel datasheet, click here!
Lenovo ThinkPad W530 Default CPU & GPU
i7-3610QM(2.30GHz) 6MB Cachei7-3720QM(2.60GHz) 6MB Cachei7-3820QM(2.70GHz) 8MB Cachei7-3920XM (2.90GHz) 8MB CachenVidia Quadro K1000 w/ 2GB RAMnVidia Quadro K2000 w/ 2GB RAMGPU is soldiered to motherboard

HP EliteBook 8770W & Dell Precision M6700 Default CPU & GPU i5, i7 & i7 ExtremeAMD FirePro M6000 Mobility Pro with 2GB GDDR5 dedicated memory NVIDIA Quadro K3000M with 2GB GDDR5 dedicated memory NVIDIA Quadro K4000M with 4GB GDDR5 dedicated memory NVIDIA Quadro K5000M with 4GB GDDR5 dedicated memoryMXM GPUs, M6700 has better GPU sourcing compatabilityMBP & rMBP Default CPU & GPU
2.3GHz i7-3615QM w/ 6MB Cache2.6GHz i7-3720QM w/ 6MB Cache2.7GHz i7-3820QM w/ 8MB CachenVidia GeForce GT 650m w/ 1GB RAMCPU and GPU are soldered onto mobo


MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2012 - Detailed eBay Pricing Guide


So we are checking out the Retina model this time.
I don't want to re-review this machine later.
Arguably this is a 15" ultrabook, but Apple does market this as their top end workstations. In this particular case they started out the new at the time MacBook with dedicated graphics. They improved the model for next year, the 'early 2013' and then the 'late 2013' models came with only intel graphics or nVidia, which were called IG or DG respectively.

As per usual, stealing our information from, there are only 3 moA1dels released for the 15" "retina 2012". not to be confused with the other model, which sports a DVD drive, this model is noticeably thinner and sports the beautiful 2880 x 1800 display. It's lame that for some reason, Apple is the only company who gets to use 16:10 displays on their laptops.

Model Identifiers:

MC975LL/CMC975LL/CMD831LL/CA1398 - Every 15" rMBP from 2012 to Mid 2015 Pr…