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MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012 non-retina - Detailed eBay pricing guide

Time to review the MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (Unibody) and see how much this thing goes for... I'm doing this on an empty stomach, Chipotle doesn't open til 10:30 and its 10AM. :O

As per usual we steal learn all we need from! These Macs can be configured by CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, and has 3 display options. All units have the same  GPU, and this is the last MacBook Pro that was the unibody, it was sold side by side to the Retina MBP.
This unit, among others was notorious for GPU issues... some sellers have gotten their mac fixed by Apple and comes with a new GPU. This is a free service, but I think the swiss time is running out!

Me personally I would try to buy one of these locally for $400 so I could flip. If I was looking for someone, I'd try to get one in great condition at $600 and upgrade from there... good thing these are i7 and dGPU only. Additionally this is the last mac w/ a DVD drive, however consider the 13" model if you really need to burn DVDs or CDs d…

Dell Precision M6700 17" Workstation - Detailed eBay Pricing Guide

The Dell Precision M6700. I personally think this thing looks boring, not a big fan of the keyboard...
However the best about this machine is that the M6700 benefits from having a lot of compatibility with using Alienware GPUs!
Some of these are painted orange, I think this is the Covet edition.
Not much to say, I'm going for my third post, so lets go!!!

M6700 - $230 - 450 // 890 ~ 110 v 140
M6700 - $420 - 700 // 950 ~ 52 - 117 - Old pricing

7 Risky - $170 - 270 // 335
70 HDD - $225 - 500 // 750
23 SSD - $420 - 615 // 895
35 S-Furb - $350 - 465 // 690
42 M-Furb - $440 - 700 // 940 or 1300 (K5000M 1080p 32GB SSD, literally the bamf)
New/Other - None
New           - None

No 'new' units. Surprisingly there aren't seller refurbs that are masking themselves as manufacturer refurbished.

7 i5 - $240 - 330 - 380
55 i7 QM - $350 - 470 // 800
15 i7 XM - $520 - 600 // 920 or 1300 (lol)
38 16GB - $290 - 570 - 760
14 32GB - $460 - 800 // 1300
3 K5000M - $750 - 930

A few XM machines,…

HP EliteBook 8770W Detailed eBay Pricing Guide

I've yet to come across an HP 8770W, it is a massive machine, however I did get a 8760W for a bit and man that thing was awesome! Really like the build quality. I paid $260 for it from Arrow Direct for a 'B-Grade" unit, which had one ding on the lid. Added 500GB HDD, 16GB RAM, sold it for $600. :)

This model has i5 and i7 dual core processors, and i7 quadcore, which has 4 RAM slots, the other do not! If you're getting one this big, then make sure you get a quadcore model, otherwise a mobo swap might be too tedious. Also not sure if the dual core i5 or i7 chips support anything more than 16GB if you do decide to swap.

Bonus points for D R E A M C O L O R D I S P L A Y S
But the base 1080p screen is gud too.
additionally, these use MXM GPUs, so unlike the ThinkPad W530 and Macbook, you aren't fucked if the GPU dies. you can use other GPUs but the M6700 beats it from being able to source more cards.

HP 8770W - $240 - 420 // 920 ~ 82 v 88
8770w  - $360 - 600 / 820 ~ 88…

Lenovo ThinkPad W530 Detailed eBay Pricing Guide

Ah the Lenovo ThinkPad W530, the 15" ThinkPad that some people hate because of the chicklet keyboard, you are able to install the old keyboard using a mod...

This is probably the last 'good' W-Series ThinkPad, this was before the haslel touchpad.

Lets check out the specs of this machine.
Lenovo for some odd reason includes the T530/i in it too, so some of those low specs are probably not available on the W530.
Dual core i5 and i7 models have only two RAM slots, quadcore i7 have 4 RAM slots in the motherboard. This only works if the unit was originally set like this from the factory, that 4 slot mobo is expensive.

Hard Drive Options:
320GB, 5400 rpm500GB, 5400 rpm1TB,      5400 rpm320GB, 7200 rpm500GB, 7200 rpmSolid State Options:
16GB mSATA32GB mSATA128GB 7mm SSD180GB 7mm SSD240GB 7mm SSD256GB 7mm SSD Some of those might be from the T530, but I do know you may get a 5400RPM unit.
mSATA was still in its infacy, I think it was introduced from the T510, these 32GB units are probabl…

HP Elitebook 840 G2 Detailed Pricing

We HP Elitebook nao.

well it looks like HP can show the specs on this machine
Find the dossier here!

Lets see, there are 5 processors that can be selected on here.

2.1GHz i3-5010U 3MB Cache2.2GHz i5-5200U 3MB Cache2.3GHz i5-5300U 3MB Cache2.4GHz i7-5500U 4MB Cache2.6GHz i7-5600U 4MB Cache So one i3, two i5 and two i7, all dual cores and Ultrabook processors, so they are soldiered on and not socketed!
For Graphics we only have two options Intel HD 5500 - Passmark score 577AMD Radeon R7 M260x w/ 1GB DDR5 - Passmark Score 1105  Unlike Dell and Lenovo, HP offers AMD graphics instead of nVidia, good for those who want OpenCL instead of CUDA technology.
For the screens, there are basically three matte options and one glass touchscreen. Webcam optional on the matte panels. And all are 14.0" too, not so sure about bezels/mounts are interchangeable ... *googles it* couldn't find any info within 10 minutes. best of luck guys
also my T420s seems to have a sticky shift key and doesn'…

Early 2015 MacBook Pro 13" Detailed Pricing Guide

We macbook pro nao!
this is a Retina MacBook Pro, so I believe the battery can only be replaced by Apple, and they do a keyboard swap because the battery is glued...
All my spec information is based from I recommend that website for official and enthusiast information. Additionally check out tonymacx86 or macrumors.

There are a few different configurations before the CTO/BTO stuff.

A1502 is the model number. This is shared by the previous years. So you could get a Late 2013 or Mid 2014 w/ Haswell processor, only the Early 2015 is a Broadwell (5th gen)
If you are buying blind, always search the serial number using, it'll give you the specs of it before opening it up, unless they removed or replaced parts in it.
Just FYI, late 2014 models were sold til 2015, additionally the Early 2015 model was discontinued in June 2017! So someone might say it's a 2016 or 2017 model because they bought a 2015 in that year. yeah... There are…

HP Elitebook 840 G1

I went to HP's website to look for the 840 G1's specs and I couldn't find them...
In particular, I found specs for the 12.5" laptop ultrabook, not the 840 G1.
Jesus christ, can HP support do anything fucking right?! My God.
Not even going to look up the specs, thanks.

HP Elitebook 840 G1 - $150 - 260 // 450 ~ 148 vs 174 (lol this price)

6 Risky - $110 - 210
50 HDD - $130 - 200 // 350
34 SSD - $195 - 260 // 300
19 Refurb - $140 - 290 // 400
4 'New'   - $320 - 450 // 540
3 New     - $360 - 450 // 800 or 1,200???

that $1,200 one is a unit from glorious Australia that is available, not sold, additionally, the $800 price is a 'new' laptop. All of the New laptops had shit specs... manufacturer & seller refurbs were more because they were better spec'd.

68 AUC - $130 - 200 // 300
106 BIN - $150 - 250 // 550
89  i5     - $145 - 230 // 450
36 i7      - $170 - 320 // 525
3 16GB  - $260 - 280 // 440

The 16gb price at 440 was actually a listed unit…

Dell Latitude 14 5000 'E5450' Price breakdown

Dell Spec Sheet
Looks like Dell marketed this as the Latitude 14 5000 series, and had two 'models', E5450 and 5450. Great for confusion purposes, and there are other 14" models too... In this I focused on the E5450, there wasn't much of a difference searching for just 5450 but there's a Xeon that gets confused in here.
This has 2 RAM slots, needing DDR3L memory. 720p standard, 720p touch, 1080p and 1080p touch, some had this Gorilla glass stuff too. 200, 270 and 300 nits respectively
Graphics this machine had Intel HD 4400 on the super low end models, but others have Intel HD 5500 and two nVidia Geforce options, 830m and 840m, dunno what the dedicated RAM on this is.
Also this had a soldiered on i5 or i7. Some cheap options had an Celeron or i3 hahaha.
For hard drives, looks like  250GB 7200500GB 72001TB 5400 For SSDs this can have  128, 256 and 512GB options for the 2.5" baymSATA 128GB mSATA 256GB  Batteries there are 4 options 3 Cell, 38 Whr4 Cell, 51 Whr4 Cel…

T450 Price Breakdown (minus T450s), now with eBegging!

Beginning to work with the Broadwell machines...

There hasn't been any interaction on this site other than fixing a T420 post. :(
I'm not sure what is wanted on here so I'm just going to post macbook pricing guides now. (x

Trying a new layout.
I would like to compare, three, four or five similar laptops that compete against each other.
I believe I will make a video about this too, basically it would be for 'advertising', so I can get leads and customer interaction.
I will break it down more in detail what these laptops go for!
Not only will I do the typical pricing guide, I will break it down even more
'Risky' aka for parts, these can have broken screens, fubar mobos, or damaged.
HDD - All used listings without in title (some SSD units can be in here)
SSD - All used listings with SSD in title (pay that extra $$$)
Refurb - Manufacture refurbished, not seller refurbs
'New' - New other, I will filter out the BS, 'Used laptop, reset to factory, just l…