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Ivy Bridge 14" & 13" NoteBooks & UltraPortable Laptops (2012 - 2014)

Hello, the prices posted here reflect 'research' done from June 13th 2016 to June 28th 2016! :P

If you are looking to spend $220 on a laptop, an Ivy Bridge laptop is the way to go! These laptops had started to been released in April 2012 and were the 'tick' part of Intel's CPU models. Sandy Bridge was the new micro-architecture, which means Ivy Bridge is a die shrink which turns out to better efficiency. These laptops will last longer on battery, & HD 4000 graphics just werk. My daily at the moment is a T430s, though hot and boggy I still liked the ChromeBook Pixel, and I just recently had a good time with a W530, it felt like it had a 6 hour battery life, and it was a quadcore machine.

Now a lot of these laptops had gotten slimmer now, so some of you buyers may take that in consideration. USB 3.0 is almost standard on all laptops, unless you got a cheapie. For the ThinkPad world, Lenovo changed the keyboard design, layout and feel for their Thi…