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Sandy Bridge Subnotebooks - 11" 12" 13" (2011 - 2013)

Subnotebook & Ultraportable laptops are amazing, with a 2nd gen i5, 4GB RAM, maybe an SSD, at most you would spend $240 on a solid machine. These laptops are not for everyone, as they are smaller in screen size and may be too tiny for people's vision. Also a lot of these are stuck at 720p screens... so have fun typing a document with pixel quality made for ants. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ︵┻━┻

As usual the first three laptops will be Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple in that order unless they didn't make a laptop for that category, 'xxxx' be posted to signify that there wasn't one.
On some models, I may post the Manufacturer name of that laptop at the end.

The market can drop because of advancing technology, or bad PR, so you yourself check sold listings before pulling the trigger because prices vary! :)

Disclaimer: I did not research extensively about reliability, build quality, parts prices, reviews or common problems on these laptops! Laptops at the lowest price point may/may not come w…

17" BIGTOPs Sandy Bridge - DYEL Manlet detectors (2011 - 2013)

COMPILE, RENDER, AND BREAK YOUR SPINE! These laptops are huge! Can't handle it? Might as well wear a chastity belt sissy boy!

17" Laptops are huge, absolutely huge, I just had a 8760w and loved it, despite it being so big, it was comfy as shit! Probably because I liked using my W700ds and do miss that thing greatly. 17" machines are comfy, especially since a numberpad doesn't feel forced on these machines.
LISTING FORMAT (colored text emphasizes whats new)

M6600 - $260 - 550 // 700  ~ 77 v 320 (i7 - MXM 3.0B)

$120 signifies the starting price I see of a laptop that has been sold with an AC adapter, HDD/OS and (hopefully) good battery.

- 260 signifies the max price you should pay for a used fully working machine that has a good battery, OS installed, OEM AC adapter and not banged up.

// 370 signifies the price I've seen that should be sold with at least one of the following

Recognized seller, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers, Enthusiast, or Original owner w/ origi…