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2009 - 2010 Laptop Superlist

2009 - 2010 Business Class Laptops
1st Gen Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors, Core 2 Duos DDR3 RAM became standard for all Core i3, i5, i7 laptops.1st Gen i7 processors don't have integrated graphics, they need discrete GPUs or your upgrade from can be a waste!Not a Mac expert, I am going off wikipedia, email/comment for model correction/suggestions. S series ProBooks are entry/consumer laptop (Vostro, Edge, X100), B series are a bit better but not as well as p series (L or R series, E5xxx)Some AMD, Core 2 Duo in hereSome MacBooks and X100e use DDR2 RAM!New gutter trash, gaming, pleb & rugged entry included! <3Variation in laptop manufactures in this guide! Don't need to stick to the top 3 /biz/ makers if you could find a good deal! d:D)-C[CAUTION: HP PROBOOK SCREENS A SHIT - CONFIRMED BUYERS REMORSE!Before biting the bullet, take a gander at and for reviews.Disclaimer: I didn't check each individual listing if they come with an OS, HDD…

3rd Gen Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme (2008 - 2010)

Here is what I found to be the current prices for laptops, I try to see if they come with an HDD, but some might not come with an AC adapter.
There are other computers that have been below these prices but may not be in desirable condition. Anything past the highest price and you should only be paid if it has upgraded RAM, SSD, GPU, LCD, warranty and a fresh new battery.
FrankenPads and modded laptops are not listed here, more info about that later.
OFC Enthusiasts and original owners will charge more for their machine, this is a laptop buying guide for sold listings through eBay. 

If buying from TPF, MacRumors, or GeekHack marketplaces, prices can be higher.

Generally used OEM AC adapters cost from $8 to $45.
3rd party batteries cost $20+ and OEM seems to be $50+ for new.
Take your time to buy, best deals will come to those who wait.
I have a followed search of ThinkPad, Pixel, T430s, and 8770w for newly listed, so I could see if someone is selling a laptop very quickly at a cheap price or wa…

T420 General Info

Right now the T420 is probably the best laptop to buy with price & performance ratio at this time with the traditional six row  seven row keyboard. It is called the dankpad because lol 420 BLAZE IT!!
Jokes aside, some bought into the meme and like the meme, its a good computer for someone who needs/wants a good running laptop. Linux working well, the optimus issues have been resolved.

All prices shown on here reflect 'murrika prices. x;
Also some of the laptops linked may not be available anymore, but can be used for price reference.
Check your sold listings for your country for proper pricing. (:

T420 has a 2nd Gen Core Processor (Sandy Bridge), normally outfitted with an i5 or i7 optional.

14" TN only display, 720p or 900p
- IPS/FHD panel mod was developed but not recommended due to flickering issues
- These laptops are known well for dim LCDs, the biggest drawback on them! But they aren't that bad when in a decent environment.
- From what I understand, you'll ne…